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In-Store and Online Get to the heart of your customer
A data-driven customer loyalty and digital wallet solution empowering businesses to understand their customers and deliver unforgettable experiences
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The Extra Platform
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Dream, design, implement your campaigns in minutes
Schedule ahead, launch last-minute, or trigger campaigns based on customer behaviours or events, encourage customers to share their experiences, refer friends, and engage with your brand
Incentivise your customers at every opportunity
Our omni-channel Platform integrates with all touch points like e-commerce, POS, in-store ECR, Mobile Apps, enabling customers to earn and redeem rewards, points, cash-back, coupons across all touch points
Segment & Personalise for Data-driven decisions
Our segmentation, reporting and data analytics tools integrated with the Extra Platform enable you to fully personalise offers, promotions, and communication based on individual customer preferences
Fully automate your customer campaigns with ease
Create a variety of incentives, such as rewards, freebies, exclusive experiences, and partner benefits, along with having the ability to easily build incentive structures in accordance with your business goals.
Communicate for success, make every customer interaction count
Keep your customers engaged by using the omni-channel communication tools including email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messaging via the Extra Platform engagement engine.
Gamification - Increase customer engagement with fun factors
By incorporating game elements, such as wheel of fortune, shake and win, points, badges, and challenges, we make your loyalty programmes more engaging and fun for your customers
Scalable and Adaptable with our suite of 400+ APIs
The Extra Platform grows with your business. We can easily adapt to changing market conditions, market size, geographies, customer expectations, and new technologies with our API Studio.
Complete data protection by design
The Extra Platform delivers complete protection of your customer data from the core. We provide enhanced privacy & security measures, and comply with relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR
The Extra Platform
Extra empowerment for your customers, Extra empowerment for your business
Our Customers
Trusted by Leading Brands
Extra360 empowers businesses to improve the consumer experience, increase customer stickiness, and rapidly grow their engaged customer base.
World’s most engaging Loyalty & Wallet Platform
The Extra Platform empowers businesses to engage, retain, and reward their customers effectively while increasing revenues and profitable sales. Our cloud-based platform is loved by both tech professionals and marketers for a simple reason: we combine agility and consistency
One Platform does it all
The Extra Platform offers a 360˚ loyalty and wallet experience that best reflects your customers' priorities. Customise, automate and incentivise with our omni-channel integrated platform
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No coding or IT expertise required to create numerous campaign options, drive increased customer engagement, better campaign tracking, and improved ROI with ease.​

Select campaign structures, set them up effortlessly, initiate engagement, and automate the process without the need for IT skills.
Entrust marketing challenges to the marketing team

Once you have integrated and defined your application behaviour, allow the marketing team to take charge and manage the rest of the process without requiring any additional input from you
Extra360 API Studio
Hassle-free integrations with all front-ends and third-party applications
With Extra360’s advanced API Studio, you can create a truly personalised customer experience and easily connect your loyalty and wallet platform to all front-ends and third-party applications you desire
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Spice it up with extra ingredients
Additional features that will greatly improve your loyalty performance
A gamified customer experience
Use the power of gamification to increase the engagement of your customers
- Shake & Win
- Wheel of fortune
New expectation is the Super App
Identify, register, reward and engage your customers through highly personalised and real-time offers anywhere, anytime with minimal effort and minimal cost
Detecting and Preventing Loyalty Fraud
Prevent the loss of millions in loyalty program rewards by utilising state-of-the-art fraud detection to identify exploiters and insider threats
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