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Loyalty is a complex and multifaceted concept that cannot be reduced to a simple reward or discount program at the check-out.
There are several myths about loyalty that have been debunked by research and industry experts. Here are a few common myths:

We help brands to focus on creating a unique and compelling brand experience, personalisation, seamless rewarding payments and exceptional customer service in order to create long-term loyalty with their customers and increase profitable sales.

Loyalty is solely driven by rewards and discounts

While rewards and discounts can be effective in driving short-term engagement, loyalty is more complex than that. Research has shown that emotional connections, personalisation, and exceptional customer service are important drivers of loyalty.

Loyalty is always based on price

While price can be a factor in loyalty, it is not the only factor. Customers may be willing to pay more for a brand they feel a strong emotional connection to, or a brand that offers exceptional customer service or unique experiences.

Loyalty can be bought

While rewards and discounts can drive short-term engagement, loyalty cannot be bought. Customers must have a genuine emotional connection to a brand in order to develop long-term loyalty.

Loyalty programs are enough to create loyalty

While loyalty programs can be effective in driving short-term engagement, they are not enough to create long-term loyalty on their own. Brands must create a unique and compelling brand experience, focus on personalisation, and provide exceptional customer service in order to create long-term loyalty.

Loyalty is always about retention

While retention is an important aspect of loyalty, it is not the only aspect. Customers who are loyal to a brand may also be advocates who promote the brand to others and help drive new customer acquisition.

Loyalty programs are always effective

While loyalty programs can be effective in driving engagement and repeat purchases, they may not be implemented well by every brand. Loyalty programs require significant infrastructure, and if they are not designed effectively or if they do not align with the brand's values, they may not be effective in creating long-term loyalty.

Marketers dream campaigns go live in minutes
The Extra Platform for Retailers
The Extra Platform enables marketers to create targeted offers and promotions based on customers’ historical and point-of-sale behaviour, preferences, and demographics. Schedule ahead, launch last-minute, or trigger campaigns based on customer behaviours or events, encourage customers to share their experiences, refer friends, and engage with the brand, thereby increasing brand awareness and driving customer acquisition, product groups, time-bands or you name it!
We help Marketer’s dreams come true… come up with an idea at night and implement it next morning without the support of Technology Department
A Marketer's dream is to create a loyal customer base that feels a genuine emotional connection to the brand and is willing to promote it to others, leading to increased brand awareness and growth.

By creating a brand experience that is unique, personalised, and memorable, marketers can turn their dream into a reality and drive long-term success for their brand. This is where The Extra Platform comes in!

We help brands to create a seamless, omni-channel experience that allows customers to engage with the brand on their own terms, wherever and whenever they choose.
Join the brands who enjoy working with Extra360 and gain access to the tools and expertise you need to create more effective customer relations strategies, rewarding payments, drive growth and profitability
Önder Kaplancık
CTO, Carrefour, Turkey
Extra360 has extensive experience and successful track record of providing end to end Loyalty Infrastructure and Management Services with solid holistic approach. We highly recommend any Company with B2C operations to work with Extra360 to create their Loyalty Strategy and Customer Engagement Platform.
Hakan Yıldırım
To achieve our Merchant and Dealer Incentive Program, we are working with Extra360. With the help of Extra360, “BİRİNCİ Program” is established on Extra360Loyalty infrastructure….The Program became a huge success. We not only increased our sales thru the Dealer Network, but also started to collect end-user information which enabled us to gain very important insights about dealers’ and consumers’ behavior....
We help retailers and e-commerce companies to differentiate themselves by creating loyalty and wallet programs that are targeted, personalised, relevant to their customers by,
By leveraging customer data to create personalised loyalty programs, we help retail brands differentiate themselves by delivering unique and relevant rewards that speak directly to the customer's needs and preferences. This includes personalised product recommendations, exclusive access to events or products, and targeted promotions.
Omni-channel presence
By offering a loyalty program that works seamlessly across all channels, we help brands differentiate themselves by creating a seamless experience for their customers, regardless of where they shop or how they reach out to you.
By incorporating elements of gamification, such as challenges and badges, into the loyalty programs, we help brands differentiate themselves by creating a more engaging and entertaining experience for their customers.
Tiered programs
By offering tiered loyalty programs that provide increasing levels of rewards and benefits based on customers spend or engagement, we help brands differentiate themselves by creating a sense of exclusivity and prestige for their most loyal customers.
Social responsibility
By incorporating social responsibility into the loyalty programs, we help brands differentiate themselves by aligning their brand with a cause or mission that resonates with their customers.
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