Discount Promotions
Enjoy endless discount promotion designs to target the right customers at the right time with the right offers!
Our dynamic discount promotion types can be customised and combined to create sophisticated and engaging customer experience.​
You can choose the ones that align best with your target audience, marketing goals and resources. Here are few examples of our popular promotion types.
Percentage-Based Discounts
Apply a percentage discount to the total purchase amount or specific items in the cart.​
Fixed Amount Discounts
Deduct a fixed amount from the total purchase or specific items in the cart.​
Tiered Discounts
Offer progressive discounts based on predefined thresholds, encouraging customers to spend more.​
Buy One, Get One (BOGO)
Provide a free or discounted item when customers purchase a specific product.​
Volume Discounts
Apply discounts based on the quantity of items purchased, incentivising bulk purchases.​
Bundle Discounts
Encourage customers to purchase related products together by offering a discounted price for bundled items.​
Limited-Time Promotions
Implement time-bound discounts that create a sense of urgency for customers to make a purchase.​
Loyalty Program Discounts
Apply exclusive discounts to loyal customers based on their membership level or accumulated points.​
Cross-Sell or Upsell Discounts
Offer discounts on complementary or upgraded products to increase average order value.​
Seasonal or Holiday Discounts
Implement special discounts during specific seasons or holidays to drive sales and capitalise on festive shopping trends.​
Flash Sales
Introduce short-term, highly discounted promotions to generate excitement and prompt immediate purchases.​
Referral Discounts
Provide discounts to customers who refer new customers, incentivising word-of-mouth marketing.​
Gamified Discounts
Implement interactive and gamified promotions where customers can earn discounts through activities, games, or challenges.​
Location-Based Discounts
Offer geographically targeted discounts using geofencing or proximity-based technologies.​
Personalised Discounts
Tailor discounts to individual customers based on their purchase history, preferences, or behavior patterns.​ ​
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