Have granular control over your promotions!
Elevate Customer Engagement and Boost Sales with Extra360's Dynamic Promotion Engine.​ With our promo engine, you can dream up promotional campaigns and watch them come to life instantly. No technical support needed!​
Maximise your promotional effectiveness and optimise sales through granular control and customisation options.
Extra360 offers a highly advanced promotion engine that empowers businesses to effectively engage their customers based on their specific shopping behaviours. Our cutting-edge technology allows companies to execute targeted point-of-sale promotions, both online and in physical stores, by leveraging customers' segmentation, historical data, and real-time shopping cart information. ​

Our feature-rich promotion capabilities encompass a wide range of strategies, including: ​
- Discount mechanisms
- Coupon distribution
- Bonus incentives
- Referral programs
- Digital wallets
- Geofencing techniques
- Gamification elements
- Tier-based mechanics
- As well as campaign implementation at the cart and SKU level.​
Easy steps to create your promotions and watch the Extra Platform do the work!
7 Steps to define your promotions...
Reach your customers at the right time, with precise promotions. Absolutely no restriction in scalability.
Step 1
Your Promo Info
Step 3
Select Target Customers
Step 5
Add Promotion Products
Step 7
Approve your Promo
Step 2
Set your Rules & Conditions
Step 4
Add Promo Eligible Stores
Step 6
Set Communication Preferences
Harness the power of click-to-build functionality to create robust and captivating promotions.
User-friendly interface
Our user-friendly interface empowers you to construct and optimise intricate promotions in real time, providing unparalleled flexibility without requiring any coding skills.​
Accelerate your time-to-market
Accelerate your time-to-market by utilising a variety of rules and templates, allowing for efficient promotions creation through predefined combinations. ​
Minimise errors and ensure security
Minimise errors and ensure security with a comprehensive set of user roles and permissions, granting controlled access to relevant stakeholders.
Take control of your campaign launch timeline
Take control of your promotion launch timeline with the ability to schedule promotions in advance, launch them last minute, or set up evergreen promotions that trigger automatically. ​
Stay ahead of the competition
Stay ahead of the competition and seise opportunities with our dynamic promotion management capabilities.​
Extra360 empowers you to seamlessly connect and track rewards issued omni-channels
Unleash OmniChannel Rewards to Delight Your Customers!​
Extra360 empowers you to seamlessly connect and track rewards issued across various channels such as point-of-sale (POS), online platforms, in-app experiences, and customer service tools. This integration ensures a cohesive and consistent reward redemption experience for your customers, regardless of their interaction channel.​

By leveraging The Extra Platform, you gain the ability to track and monitor every customer interaction comprehensively. All relevant data is consolidated, enabling you to derive actionable insights and make informed business decisions.​
Supercharge Conversions with Cart-Level Promotions!
Enhance sales and drive personalisation by leveraging our advanced promotion engine to apply targeted offers at the shopping-cart level.
Boost your average order size by precisely targeting specific products or categories based on customer preferences and behaviors.​ Effortlessly implement pro-rata discounts across multiple items, and reward certain items in the Cart with cashback and/or points.​ Tailor our solution to seamlessly integrate with your business's unique use case, ensuring a customised and optimised experience that aligns with your specific requirements. ​
Extra360 has developed its Loyalty and Wallet Management Platform with seamless integrations in mind, making it compatible with virtually any system!
Take advantage of our API Studio with extensive integrations, allowing you to connect all your data sources effortlessly. Benefit from a unified view of customer interactions and unlock the full potential of your reward programs with streamlined data integration and management.​
​Our dynamic promotion types can be customised and combined to create sophisticated and engaging customer experience.
You can choose the ones that align best with your target audience, marketing goals and resources. Here are few examples of our popular promotion types.​
Discount Promotions
Enjoy endless discount promotion designs to target the right customers at the right time with the right offers!
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Point Promotions
Reward your customers with dynamic points promotions. Boost your engagement and revenues!
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Coupon Promotions
Experience the power of dynamic coupon promotions, dream, design and implement instantly!
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Wallet Top Up
Reward your wallet top-ups and spendings! Create Cashback Promotions to boost revenues!
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Cashback Promotions
Attract customers and encourage repeat purchases with our dynamic cashback promotions!​
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Sign-up Promotions
Attract new customers by offering incentives, rewards, or exclusive benefits when they sign up for your services.
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Turn your customers into brand advocates and acquire new customers with our dynamic referral promotions!
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