Integrations & API’s
Extra360 has developed its Loyalty and Wallet Management Platform with seamless integrations in mind, making it compatible with virtually any system!
Secure and Accessible Integration

Our APIs are designed with developer-friendliness in mind, enabling developers to quickly learn how to use and integrate them.

Limitless Connectivity

Our platform can establish connections with any application, custom-built eCommerce system, or almost any type of software solution through its pre-existing APIs

A standards-based approach with RESTful APIs

Extra360 has designed all of its APIs to be RESTful, providing developers with a fast and simple development experience. The learning curve is minimal, and the integration process is hassle-free.


Extra360 is a modular system that is continuously improving and expanding its capabilities. These new capabilities are bundled into modules, which typically augment existing APIs or introduce new ones.

Data Security

Given the critical importance of data security today, we provide top-of-the-line safety measures for both your and your customers' information, setting the industry standard

Private data protection Our APIs adhere to the most stringent data protection regulations, and any APIs that transmit personal information are secured using API signature

In-transit data protection To ensure data security in transit, each API endpoint utilises an encrypted connection, providing a guarantee of safety for all data transmitted

Data-leak measures Our API system is designed to transmit only the essential information, thereby minimising the risk of any inadvertent data leakage

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