GO Gas Station Chain
Award winning project with 5 Stevie Awards

Our Client Ipragaz is a leading Energy Company operating since 1961. Being recognized as a solid trustworthy Energy Supplier, Ipragaz decided to go into Fuel Retail Sector with GO Fuel & Gas Stations in 2013.

Ipragaz, chose to work with Extra360 to establish the “GO CARD LOYALTY PROGRAM”
Extra360 implemented an “end-to-end” Loyalty System for covering all customer transaction and engagement channels to provide personalised offers thus increase targeted sales


The Program changed the dynamics of the customer value proposition in the sector which was mainly dominated by price wars and conventional gift catalogue-based incentive programs. 

  • 133% increase YoY (2016 versus 2017) customer enrollment, 
  • 1 new customer every 5 minutes        
  • The average Litre sold per tank is 60% more to GO, Card members, than the average Litre sold to non-members 
  • Over 1500 segment-based campaigns are implemented per year with a 30% response rate in bonus campaigns and over 50% response rate in discount-based campaigns. 
  • Specialized campaigns are implemented throughout the year; such as, “Thank you for being a member, membership anniversary”,  “Customer birthdays campaigns”,  “special days Women’s Day – 8 times bonus”, “Your bonuses increase as your frequency increases”
  • Cross campaigns with other retailers such as Burger King, Dry Cleaning, Car Wash and Maintenance companies to provide non-fuel benefits for its loyal members.