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Quick Service Restaurants
We empower Your QSR Business with Data-Driven Campaigns and Digital Wallets
We have a proven track record of helping Quick Service Restaurant Businesses with our loyalty programs and Digital Wallets that are designed to offer personalised rewards, incentives, and experiences that keep customers coming back for more.
By focusing on customer engagement and building lasting relationships, our programs help QSR businesses build a loyal customer base, increase profitable sales and drive long-term success.
More Than Fast Food - Differentiate Your QSR Business with Extra360 Loyalty and Wallet Solutions
We help QSR businesses differentiate themselves by offering personalised experiences, such as customised menu options based on customer preferences or personalised rewards and promotions through our loyalty programs.
We help QSR businesses stand out by offering innovative products and services to their loyalty members, such as segment-based options or mobile ordering and rewarding payments.
Customer Service
We help QSR businesses to stand out from competitors by providing quick and accurate service for loyalty members, responding to customer feedback and rewarding shopping and engagement behaviours.
Social Responsibility
We help QSR businesses to differentiate themselves and increase loyalty of their members by promoting social responsibility and sustainability, such as offering rewards for choosing eco-friendly packaging or choosing to buy products from local and organic suppliers.
World leading QSR Brands trust Extra360 building loyalty and digital wallet programs for their customers.
How we empower our QSR business customers:
We bring repeat business

Our loyalty programs incentivise customers to return to a QSR business repeatedly, as they earn rewards for each purchase. This leads to increased revenue and profitability over time.

We increase average spending

Our program members are more likely to order additional items or upgrades, as they earn rewards based on the total amount spent, number of transactions in a given period of time, type of products they order and time of shopping even matters.

We improved customer experience

Personalised customer experiences, make your customers feel valued. Our QSR loyalty programs offer rewards for birthdays or personalised offers based on customer preferences and shopping habits.

We deliver customer insights

Our loyalty programs deliver valuable insights into customer behaviours and preferences, which are used to improve product offerings, campaign strategies, and customer service.

We build competitive advantage

By offering behaviour based rewards, dynamic digital wallets and personalised experiences, our QSR customers differentiate themselves from other businesses in the industry.

Digital wallets enhanced with loyalty, transforms the way you serve your customers
Faster and More Efficient Transactions
Streamline transactions and reduce waiting times, as customers can simply tap their phones or scan a QR code to make a payment. We help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the overall transaction time.
Improved Customer Experience
We offer a more convenient and seamless payment experience for your customers, which helps to improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Enhanced Marketing Opportunities
By personalising offers and promotions based on customer data and preferences, we help to drive profitable sales and improve customer engagement.
Data Insights
We provide valuable data insights into customer behaviour and preferences, which are used to develop more effective marketing strategies, improve products and services, and increase overall customer satisfaction.
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