Carrefour Markets
Award winning project with 5 Stevie Awards

CarrefourSA is a joint investment of Carrefour and Sabancı Holding, leading Supermarket Chain operating in Turkey with over 625 Stores in 58 cities with over 5 Million Customers

CarrefourSA chose to work with Extra360 to create an Omni Channel “Customer Centric Loyalty Program”
Extra360 designed and implemented the “CarrefourSA LOYALTY & WALLET PROGRAM”

The Program changed the dynamics of the customer value proposition in the sector which is mainly dominated by price wars. CarrefourSA is convinced to apply all customer benefits to Loyalty Members only and moved away from general discounts.

  • 47% YoY customer enrollment increase 
  • 928 loyalty members are served per minute
  • The average basket revenue per Loyalty Member is 300% higher than the non-member customers 
  • The number of products per basket per Loyalty Member is 150% higher than the non-member customers 
  • Over 1500 customer behaviour segment-based campaigns are implemented per year
  • Suppliers such as Unilever, P&G and Coca-Cola are also enjoying the benefit of targeting customers who prefer their products
  • Extra360 also enrolled campaign partners such as Visa Europe, into CarrefourSA Loyalty Program giving additional bonuses “if the Customer pays with their Visa Card”.
  • Such a campaign generated over 15% increase YoY of Visa Card usage in CarrefourSA Stores.