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Unlock the power of agility and consistency for your business success with the Extra Platform!
Our Cloud based Platform technology is loved by not only Tech professionals but also by Marketers for a simple reason, we combine Agility and Consistency in everything we do
Engineered for any scale!
Our engineered for any scale approach provides numerous advantages for your business and your customers for long-term success, including flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, improved user experience, and a competitive advantage.
The Extra Platform’s adaptability and versatility help your business appeal to a wider range of potential customers.
Security is in everything we design.
We are very serious about Privacy and Security to protect your business and your customers.
Extra360 has built both its technology and company culture around the principle of keeping all your data secured at all times. We well understand that “Data security is the pillar of any wallet and loyalty program". Protecting your customers and their data is essential to earn their trust and build loyalty.
Extra360 API Studio
Hassle-free integrations with all front-ends and third-party applications
Secure and Accessible Integration
Our APIs are designed with developer-friendliness in mind, enabling developers to quickly learn how to use and integrate them
Limitless Connectivity
Our platform can establish connections with any application or almost any type of software solution through its existing APIs
A standards-based approach with RESTful APIs
Extra360 has designed all of its APIs to be RESTful, providing developers with a fast and simple development experience
Extra360 is a modular system that is continuously improving and expanding its capabilities
Data Security
We provide top-line safety measures for both your business and customers' information, setting the industry standard
One Platform does it all!

The Extra Platform empowers businesses engage, retain, and reward their customers effectively while increasing revenues and profitable sales

Extra360's multi-sector loyalty and wallet experience, empowers your business to benefit from a range of expertise and insights from different industries, diverse perspectives, innovation, adaptability, cost savings, improved efficiency, faster time to market, and better risk management.

Easy Onboarding

In-store | Online | Mobile | Event

Our customer onboarding processes is designed to guide customers through their initial interactions and experiences with your services, ensuring  seamless adoption, customer satisfaction, and long-term value for your business

Personalised Rewards

Customer Status | Action | Purchase | Visit | Gamification

Our technology enpowers businesses to reward customers with personalised promotions by leveraging customers' segment, historical data, and real-time shopping cart information

Customer360 Approach

Customer Status-agnostic | Status based

Our solutions help businesses create a consistent and positive customer experience, while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. By leveraging our technology, we facilitate a seamless experience for your customers depending on their value with you

Mix-Match Financial Benefits

Discount | Bonus | Coupon | CashBack

With our promo engine, you can dream up promotions with a wide range of powerful benefit variants and watch your design come to life instantly. Elevate Customer Engagement and Boost Sales. No technical support needed!

Sub Programs Enabled

No Sub Program | Single Sub Program | Multiple Sub-Programs

We provide sub-programs under the main loyalty program covering design and implementation of distinct initiatives or initiatives targeted at specific customer segments, offering tailored benefits, rewards, and experiences to enhance engagement and retention

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Classification | Clustering | Regression | Sequential Patterns | Prediction | Association Rules

We leverage dynamic customer segmentation to improve your promotions effectiveness, increase customer engagement and loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage in your industry

Different Types of Personalisation

Limited | Semi Personalised | Algo-Based Personalised

Our Loyalty approach involves analysing customer data to create targeted messages, offers, and recommendations that are specifically designed to appeal to each customer on a personal level

Omni-Channel Engagement

In-Store | SMS | Push | Email | In-app | Call Center

We help brands to provide their loyalty members a seamless and integrated communication experience across multiple channels and touch-points, both online and offline, depending on their loyalty and payment actions

Multiple Digital Wallets

Single Wallet | Multiple Wallets | Points Wallet | Gift Wallet

We help businesses transform spendings into rewards and boost your profitable sales with our purpose-built digital wallet or multiple wallets for money, points or gifts

Rewarding all Payment Types

Point | GiftCard | Coupon | Credit/Debit | Cash 

We help businesses to reward customers for all preferred payments types. By offering rewards for all payment types, you give customers the freedom to choose the method that suits them best, encouraging them to engage with your loyalty program

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