Award winning project – 5 Stevie Awards

İnci GS Yuasa, a Japanese-Turkish conglomerate in the automotive, heavy-duty and marine vehicles Battery Sector exporting to over 80 countries in 4 continents' industries

İnci GS Yuasa chose to work with Extra360 to establish a Sales Tracking, Dealer Acquisition and Loyalty Management Program
Extra360 created the program called “BirİNCİ KART” on Extra360 Loyalty Infrastructure enable:
  • Track each and every individual Battery Sale through each Dealer 
  • Grant product purchase guarantee directly to the consumer 
  • Provide road assistance directly to the consumer with each sale Incentivise the Dealers according to their sales performance at the sales moment 
  • Provide bonus redemption and cross-promotion offers for Dealers over a private e-commerce site. 


  • İnci GS Yuasa sales grew 16% YoY while the sector was growing 5% 
  • Dealers got engaged and motivated with the personalised incentive system tangibly reflected in their sales. 
  • İnci GS Yuasa, during the first 3 months of the program activated 25,000 e-guarantee and road assistance services, before the program, the total activation in 19 months was 24,000. 
  • Today with BİRİNCİ Program, dealers are providing consumer data regularly, and numbers are increasing over 20% Month on Month. 

İnci GS Yuasa is recognised in its sector for creating the first and only Loyalty Program linking B2B and B2C Loyalty Mechanics.