Health & Wellness
Extra360 Health & Wellness Solutions transforms the way healthcare programs and wellness services are delivered with its close loop payments, loyalty management and engagement platform.
Wellness and Healthcare Ecosystem Players
Our purpose-built technology empowers Wellness and Healthcare Ecosystem players, with secure and easy-to-use digital tools that accelerate the speed and quality of services.

  • Individuals

  • Corporates' Employees

  • Corporates' Customers (B2B2C)

Mobile App
Member Portal
Providers & Suppliers

  • Doctors & Therapists

  • Hospital & Clinics, Pharmaceutical

  • Payors (Insurance companies, Associations)

  • Dieticians & Personal Trainers & Gym’s

  • Medtech’s 

Tablet POS
For Members and Patients
Your members and patients can easily access to their wellness and healthcare services with personalised benefits and individualised experience.
Your members get recognised and rewarded just for being healthy!

Become “the Healthcare Partner for your Members & Patients”

Frequent and personalised interactions help to educate members and patients with relevant information, enable preventive care and makes your members feel they have a partner who truly cares about their health.
One Plarform for everyday
Every day, thousands of Members choose Extra360 to enjoy their preferred Wellness and Healthcare benefits...
Onboarding is fast and easy. Whether your members contact you via phone, web, mobile app or through the IVR - we got you covered.

Whether your members use digital wallet or prefer card payments for their preloaded allowance, our close loop payments, loyalty and engagement platform delivers. They can pay out-of-pocket costs for covered services, join our fitness program, try a diet routine, or get a consultation with an online expert via our Mobile App. They can search for their benefits and, find the providers or suppliers near them. And... can connect their health tracker devices and health apps
For Healthcare Organisations
With Extra360, Healthcare Organisations' Business Teams get full visibility and control of all their members, patients, supplier and provider activities online, with intelligent analytics tools, and automated reporting.
We empower your business with a, robust, customisable, cloud based, reliable technology infrastructure that ignites long-term success and growth.

Through continuous innovation, we are committed to developing and improving our wellness and healthcare solutions for a healthier, happier and a more rewarding life.

We support Wellness Ecosystem Players with advanced digital tools and detailed reporting features so that, greeting members, accepting payments, and securing settlements is fast and easy.

You help people be the best version of themselves every day. Let us help you with our technology to engage and empower your members, customers, suppliers and providers, so you can truly focus on perfecting your services.

Provide exceptional service with Extra360 Wellness and HealthCare Solutions today!
Our Value Proposition to Healthcare Organisations
Deliver a Seamless Personalised Experience
Leverage first-party data across member healthcare journeys, to deliver the experience they expect—from making an appointment, to receiving care and going to the doctor’s appointment.
Increase Revenues and Lifetime Value
It is more cost-effective to take care of loyal patients. Returning members do not need repeated enrollment processes and are less likely to undergo unnecessary tests.

The National Institute of Health reported that retention is one of the key factors that enable healthcare providers to improve services and cost-effectiveness
Improve Retention & Growth
When members are rewarded for using your services and for healthy behaviors, they are more likely to come back.

Rewarding members for reviews and referring others encourages referrals, promotes advocacy and attracts new members. Press Haney reports that 71% of patients consult online provider reviews before making an appointment with a provider
Strengthen the Member Relationship
Loyalty’s mutual value exchange provides first-party data that helps providers better understand what members want, what influences their experience, what keeps them coming back, and how to be the preferred health partner they’re looking for
Become the Trusted Source of Information
People are taking responsibility for their health and doing more investigation online. Increasing engagement and empowering your members with the information they need promotes preventive care and builds value-based relationships that last
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