GRATIS Personal Care Supermarkets
Award winning project – 3 Stevie Awards

Gratis is the biggest Personal Care Supermarket Chain in Turkey with 600 stores nationwide. Extra360 implemented the “GRATIS LOYALTY PROGRAM” with omni-channel integrations, including ECR, SAP, Call Center, Mobile App, Reporting Platforms, e-mail and SMS platforms

Extra360 achievements resulted in revenue increase and enhanced loyalty
Extra360 together with GRATIS teams achieved only in 24 months:

3.5 million active customers

  • The campaign responses rate reached as high as 25% 
  • Analysis of over 128 million transactions by Customer Segment, Product SKU, and location from multiple channels, thus conducting over 2000 targeted campaigns for macro and micro-segments  



  • GRATIS is enjoying the benefits of its loyalty card program which increased the average basket revenues by 35%, & the average product per basket increased by 25%+     
  • GRATIS Customers know that they are winning with each visit. The bonus redemption ratio has exceeded 50%