Points Promotions
Reward your customers with dynamic points promotions. Boost your engagement and revenues!
Our dynamic points promotion types can be customised and combined to create sophisticated and engaging customer experience. ​
You can choose the ones that align best with your target audience, marketing goals and resources. Here are few examples of our popular promotion types.
Earn Points for Purchases
Customers accumulate points based on the value of their purchases. Each dollar spent earns a specific number of points.​
Bonus Points Promotions
Offer customers additional points on specific products, categories, or during promotional periods to incentivise purchases.​
Tiered Points Programs
Implement multi-tiered points systems where customers earn different levels of points based on their spending or loyalty status.​
Referral Points Programs
Reward customers with points when they refer new customers to your business.​
Points for Social Engagement
Grant points to customers for engaging with your brand on social media platforms, such as liking, sharing, or commenting on posts.​
Points for Reviews
Encourage customers to leave product reviews or feedback by rewarding them with points.​
Points for Registration or log-in
Provide points as a welcome bonus when customers create an account with your business, and/or log-in daily, weekly.​
Points for Subscriptions
Offer points as a loyalty perk for customers who subscribe to your services, newsletter or products.​
Birthday Points
Grant customers bonus points as a birthday gift, adding a personalised touch to your loyalty program.​
Gamified Points Campaigns
Incorporate gamification elements where customers can earn points through challenges, quizzes, or interactive activities.​
Double Points Promotions
Run limited-time promotions where customers earn double or triple points on specific purchases or during specified periods.​
Points Redemption Discounts
Allow customers to redeem their accumulated points for discounts on future purchases.​
Charity Donations with Points
Enable customers to use their points to make donations to selected charities or social causes.
Points Expiration Extensions
Offer customers the ability to extend the expiration date of their earned points as a special loyalty benefit.​
Partner Points Programs
Collaborate with other businesses to offer joint loyalty programs, allowing customers to earn points across multiple participating brands.​
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