One Super APP

Empowering Your Lifestyle: in One Super App
A compelling, integrated experience that drives user adoption, engagement, and long-term loyalty! Engagement, Booking, Delivery, e-Comm, Online Expert Meetings, Blogs, Fitness & Diet Programs, Digital Wallet and Loyalty Services!
“By 2027, more than 50% of the global population will be daily active users of multiple Super Apps” GARTNER September 2022
Extra360 offers the most successful Super Apps for its Customers in Retail, Payment, Insurance and Health Industries.
A compelling, integrated experience that drives user adoption, engagement, and long-term loyalty.
Seamless user experience
We provide a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface that makes it simple for users to access various services and features within the App.
Broad Range of services
We provide a diverse range of services, such as e-commerce, ride-hailing, food delivery, booking, messaging, payments, and more, providing users with a one-stop solution for their daily needs.
Partnerships and ecosystem
We build a strong ecosystem of partners, including merchants, service providers, and other stakeholders, to expand the range of services offered within the app.
In-app payments
We provide a secure and efficient in-app payment system that supports various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets for coupons and points, and enabling users to make transactions quickly and easily.
We leverage user data to provide personalised recommendations, promotions, and content based on customer preferences, behaviour, and location, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
Location-based services
We offer location-based features, such as local search, maps, and navigation, to help customers find nearby services, businesses, and points of interest
Data security and privacy
We ensure robust data protection measures are in place to safeguard user information and maintaining compliance with relevant data privacy regulations
Regular updates and improvements
We continuously update and enhance our Super Apps with new features, services, and improvements to keep it relevant and competitive in the market.
From the Consumers’ perspective. Why Super Apps?
Unified & Seamless user experience
  • Easy to access to products 
  • Convenience and simplicity
  • Personalised Experience
  • Reducing App fatigue
  • Saving phone memory 
  • Saving on internet usage
From the business perspective. How Super Apps help growth?
Data Driven Monetisation
  • Revenue earned through transactions
  • Advertising with ecosystem players
  • Optimised development costs
  • Exploring new markets
  • Personalised member experience 
  • User analytics driven offerings
New Expectation: One Super App
Identify, register, reward and engage with your customers!
Online Shopping
Payment with QR Code
Order Delivery
Blog (Read, Listen, Watch)
Online Diet Program
Apple Health/Google Fit Integration
Wellness Benefit Packages
Remote Health Monitoring integrated with wearables
Online Booking
Online Fitness Program
Emergency Calls with a click
Online Appointment
Online Expert in-App (MS Teams integrated)
Point, Discount, Cashback, Freebees
Coupon Campaigns with Partners
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